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Prince Rupert Denture Clinic, serving the north coast since 1995


A full-service denture clinic with an in-house lab

Servicing Prince Rupert and the surrounding area, the Prince Rupert Denture Clinic is a dentures manufacturer with an in-house lab to offer efficient turnaround times. Whether you’re a candidate for standard dentures, dentures-over-implants, partial dentures or BPS®/precision dentures, we’re fully equipped to accommodate you with our fast, friendly service. We also offer repairs, relines and rebase services for your convenience.


We have a new location in Terrace, British Columbia at 1-4065 Motz Road (Skeena Landing) in Terrace, and have redesigned our original denture clinic in Prince Rupert. Come by and see us, today!


Schedule a consultation with our friendly staff

Because the Prince Rupert Denture Clinic is a family business, we strive to ensure our clients are comfortable and always know what to expect during the dentures process. During your initial consultation, we will go over your available options to decide upon the one that’s the right fit for you and your lifestyle. Dentures referrals are not required. To schedule an appointment with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members, please contact us. We look forward to serving you!

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Contact information

Phone: 250-627-4439    
Toll Free: 1-877-922-5656    
Fax: 250-627-4436

460-309 2nd Ave. W. (4th floor Ocean Centre) Prince Rupert, BC V8J 3T1


Our New Location — Terrace, BC

Phone: 778-634-4439

1-4065 Motz Road (Skeena Landing)
Terrace, British Columbia V8G 3N1


Our New Office in Terrace

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