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dentures and implants

Explore denture implant options at Prince Rupert Denture Clinic


Dentures-over-implants have a high success rate

If dentures-over-implants are your best option, the Prince Rupert Denture Clinic can accommodate you. Dental implants are known to have a high success rate among clinically-studied patients. Dental implants can allow you to speak, eat and laugh with confidence. Serving as root replacements, implants have many known advantages, including:

  • Stability

  • Improved confidence & aesthetics

  • Increased preservation of bone

  • Decreased gum tissue shrinkage


See if you qualify for dentures-over-implants

We recommend this procedure for patients in good overall and oral health standing with healthy gums and the adequate bone structure necessary to support the implants. To find out more information or to see if you meet these qualifications, please contact our office!

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