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Bring Your Dentures to Prince Rupert Denture Clinic for Reline/Repairs


Efficient, professional denture repairs, relines & rebases

Because your mouth’s shape and dental ridges will likely continue to change over time, relines, rebases and repairs are sometimes necessary to ensure a comfortable fit. Featuring an in-house lab, the Prince Rupert Denture Clinic is fully equipped to handle all your repair, reline and rebase needs. But what is the difference between the three and how will you know which one you require?


The differences between relines, repairs & rebases

A reline is typically used to correct your bite position due to tooth, bone, gum or weight loss. Rebasing is typically done when the acrylic part of your dentures are broken, stained or generally worn out. A denture repair may be necessary if your denture breaks or is damaged. Constant flexing and chewing can eventually cause your dentures to weaken from continued stress. This is why we recommend periodic denture relines to ensure a proper fit. If you need a repair, reline or rebase, call our office and set up an appointment for our efficient service.

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